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Article: To my forever cool dad

いつまでもカッコいいお父さんへ - 名古屋園芸

To my forever cool dad

It's early and it's been half a year left for 2023 years. June means Father's Day!

[Mother's Day = Carnation] Many people receive flowers as a gift, but what about flowers for Father's Day ? Isn't there a lot of people who say? The same [flower] is cool, and why not give a [dry bouquet] as a gift that can be enjoyed for a long time by fathers who are difficult to care for frequently? Flowers such as Banksia, which can be enjoyed in a unique shape, are perfect for cool fathers, and should enhance the feeling of "thank you" even more.

We also recommend the slightly special [Bouquet of succulents], which is not usually available in stores. If you find it difficult to change the water, you can plant it in the soil and grow it as a potted plant, which will double the fun! We also have a bouquet of Neoregelia, which is rare as a bouquet flower material because there are many potted plants on the market! !

Please enjoy choosing a gift for Father's Day while imagining a smiling face that suits your father♪

This is an interesting bouquet of succulents that will surprise you when you receive it. ¥ 4,400 ( tax included )

An arrangement in which green is the main color accented with purple anthurium. If you decorate it in your study, it will look natural and cool. ¥ 4,850 ( tax included )

A voluminous arrangement with large sunflowers. ¥ 4,400 ( tax included )

Sunflowers, which have the flower language of "admiration" and "respect", are perfect flowers for Father's Day gifts. ¥ 3,850 ( tax included )

A wild bouquet of dried flowers such as Banksia. You can enjoy it as a dry flower for a long time. ¥ 5,500 ( tax included)

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