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Article: Somehow I'm worried about the speed of spring

なんだか春の速さが心配になる - 名古屋園芸

Somehow I'm worried about the speed of spring

The cherry blossoms have bloomed quite early this year. In the first half of April, wisteria blooms, and spring flowers, such as peonies, tend to bloom all at once. I would like to enjoy it slowly in order, but it feels like spring is rushing through all at once because spring is tightly packed.

The same is true for the horticultural industry as it is for the natural world. You can feel the tendency of all flowers to fall forward. The flowers lined up in the garden store are about a month earlier than the flowers that bloom naturally. I wonder if it's a feeling that the sales are about 2 months early depending on the flowers.

Geranium, synonymous with spring, started shipping in February this year. Nagoya Engei also started selling it in March. And in the first half of April, the shipment of geraniums from recommended producers will be finished. I'd like to recommend it until the end of April, but I can't even do that.

Catharanthus roseus, a staple of summer, will begin in earnest in mid-June. However, in the current state, it seems that sales will start at Nagoya Engei in mid-May. Horrifyingly, the market started shipping in the first half of April . Summer flowers start in May, and considering the recent heat, summer flowers will be on sale until September. You can feel the warming even by looking at the flowers in the garden store.

As Nagoya Engei, we want to cherish seasonal flowers. When it comes to food, seasonal foods are delicious. Plants can also grow without difficulty by planting seasonal flowers. As time goes on, it becomes more difficult to grow. Nagoya Engei is generally slower to sell than other flower shops. But from now on, I may not be able to say that. These days, I think that it has become difficult to enjoy flowers unless we change our stereotypes.

Speaking of Madagascar periwinkle, I have a feeling that Nara breeder Kitajima Engei's Madagascar periwinkle will start growing in mid-May! It's a periwinkle with great performance

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