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Article: Twenty-four solar terms flower decoration - Ritsuka Koman -

二十四節気の花飾り - 立夏 小満 - - 名古屋園芸

Twenty-four solar terms flower decoration - Ritsuka Koman -

Flower news of May when signs of summer begin to appear. The year is divided into twenty-four seasons, and the twenty-four solar terms incorporate the changes of the four seasons. This month is the season of "Ritsuka" and "Koman". How about incorporating the scenery of flowers into your life as the seasons change?

Ritsuka "A refreshing breeze blows and beautiful greenery grows."

Delphinium is recommended at this time when you feel the beginning of summer. The fresh blue color seems to bring a sweaty and cheerful breeze. The understated appearance is easy to match with the interior, and it is a perfect flower for casual decoration.

Bouquet ¥3,850 ( tax included)

< Delphinium, Euphorbia>

Koman "The season when vermicelli moistens the grains"

Peony is recommended at this time of year. It is only the season that you can meet various varieties throughout the year . Gorgeous double-flowered cultivars and coral cultivars that allow you to enjoy changing colors. Nagoya Engei holds a peony fair every year. We are waiting for you with a wide variety of popular varieties to rare varieties.

Bouquet ¥5,500 ( tax included )

< peony, euphorbia, bupleurium>

May is the time when the spring flowers finish their season and switch to early summer flowers. The proudly blooming peonies strongly convey the changing seasons. The peonies, which can be fully enjoyed in a single vase, are also recommended for bundling for a gorgeous bouquet. The 24 solar terms arrangement is also being developed at the online shop, so please use this as well. Why don't you feel the change of seasons in your room with early summer flowers this month?

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