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Article: Birthday flower decorated with green ~ EARLY SPRING "+ Green" ~

グリーンと飾るバースデーフラワー ~EARLY SPRING「+Green」~ - 名古屋園芸

Birthday flower decorated with green ~ EARLY SPRING "+ Green" ~

January is a refreshing month to welcome the new year. This month, we will introduce “+ Green ”, a slightly stylish way to decorate early spring flowers with greenery.

As the season becomes more like winter, the flowers of early spring begin to appear on the market little by little. This month marks the official debut of the flowers that represent spring. The cute and cute appearance will brighten up your room with just one. How about adding a pinch of green there? Green gives a change to the usual expression and brightens up the room with a different expression.


Mottled green with thin white lines. Wrap it around your finger and use it to create a vertical curl. Gently add it to spring flowers to create a rhythmic look.

EarlySpring Arrange + Green (Miscanthus)

[Asparagus Pella]

Vine greens of the asparagus pera variety. The gentle and refreshing impression goes well with spring flowers. Try wrapping it around a decorated bundle. Recommended for those who like natural taste.

Gerbera Bouquet + Green (Asparapella)

[Asparagus Sprengelly]

Delicate and bright green with luster. It is recommended that the supple and voluminous splengeli be displayed longer. It will surely brighten up your room.

Flower Vase & Sweet Pea + Green (Sprengelly)

Green is more reasonable than flowers, and it is a highly cost-effective item that expands the possibilities depending on how you decorate it. At the same time, the green that attracts flowers will attract more rich things at home. Of course, it is also recommended as a stylish birthday gift along with a bouquet or arrangement.

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