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Article: Christmas rose story

クリスマスローズのはなし - 名古屋園芸

Christmas rose story

Christmas roses are flowers that can be enjoyed without much effort during the winter season when flowers are scarce. I'm sure many of you know this, but for those of you who want to grow it now, let's review it. Known as the Christmas Rose, its real name is hellebore. Among them, the pure white early-blooming species called Niger blooms around Christmas, so the name Christmas rose spread. Basically, what everyone thinks of is Christmas roses, which are generally hybrids called garden hybrids that bloom in early spring after the new year.

In January , the arrival of Christmas roses will also peak. There are a wide variety of flower shapes, such as common single, double, anemone, and small flower types, and the wide range of colors makes it fun to choose.

There are so many people who are Christmas rose mania because too many flower types are born by crossbreeding.


This is the only time when you can see the flowers one by one and choose them. If you select a plant that has no flowers or a child plant that has not yet seen flowers based on the label alone, often the flowers that are different from the label will bloom. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase at this time when you can see and choose the actual flowers. We select and sell stocks that are substantial. Next year it will produce more flowers than this year.

It's a good place to bloom without hassle at this time of year when there are few flowers. It is also good that the influence of pests is relatively small. Although it can be grown on the ground, we recommend that first-time users plant each plant in a pot and enjoy it. The fact that it blooms at this time of year has no problem with the cold. I don't like the heat and stuffiness of summer. Keep in semi-shade in summer. Get plenty of sun this season. It is recommended to grow in a pot because you can move the place depending on the season. The stock grows little by little every year, and the number of flowers increases year by year. By all means, it is a flower that I would like you to enjoy as the leading role of winter gardening.

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