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Article: Winter green life to enjoy with pots

鉢と楽しむ冬のグリーンライフ - 名古屋園芸

Winter green life to enjoy with pots

Now that the winter is getting colder and colder, you'll want to decorate your warm room with green for a fun and stylish look. Houseplants don't like the cold, but most of them will look good in winter if they are kept in a warm room such as the living room. This time, I would like to pick up foliage plants that can be enjoyed during the winter and ceramic pots that will make you look forward to replanting them in the spring. Why don't you enjoy a green life by dressing up the foliage plants that are popular as interior decorations in your favorite pottery pots?


Pilea peperomioides

A popular foliage plant with perfectly round leaves, pair it with a blue pot for a cute and stylish look!

There is a wide variety of pottery pots, and there are many different types of pottery, not only in terms of coloring, but also in terms of texture and shape. It's fun to look for a nice pot that matches the shape of the plant, your taste, and the atmosphere of the room.

Ficus Shangri-La

A climbing banyan tree that is easy to grow. A pottery pot with a calm atmosphere that is easy to decorate anywhere.

Even if you find your favorite pot during the cold winter, do not immediately repot it, and use it as a pot cover until spring. Many of the foliage plants are native to warm regions and are not good at cold!

Winter is a slow growing season, so repotting should be done in the warmer months after spring.

It is better to use a ceramic pot as a pot cover instead of forcibly repotting foliage plants purchased at the store at this time of year to prevent root rot in winter and make it easier to grow.

cactus group planting

A cactus-shaped pottery bowl that looks cute. Compatibility with any plant ◎ Especially recommended for cacti and succulents!


When repotting, the size of the pot should be about one to two times larger than the current pot size. Make sure it is large enough to give it space for new roots to grow.

Euphorbia obesa hybrid

The trendy succulents and codex have very distinctive shapes.

By repotting in spring, the roots will be firmly established in the warm season until autumn, and the number of leaves and branches will increase, and the stock will grow firmly. In addition, the stocks and roots are enriched, so you can spend the rainy season and next year's cold winter in a healthy state without losing your condition.


schefflera bend

The shape of the tree is interesting and the interior is outstanding! A nice-shaped plant is a stylish, durable and easy-to-manage foliage plant that can be combined with a simple pot, so you can place it anywhere.

We often pay attention to foliage plants in winter, but please enjoy observing the plants by changing your mood even a little with your favorite pot. If you observe carefully during this winter season, it will be very easy to manage after May when it gets warmer.

Please come and visit our store to find your favorite bowl this winter.

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