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Article: One step ahead..."Flower decoration that feels spring"

一足お先に…「春を感じる花飾り」 - 名古屋園芸

One step ahead..."Flower decoration that feels spring"

While the cold weather is still continuing, cute spring flowers are coloring the storefront.

Primula Julien is a very popular rose flower for spring. It is preeminently cute when planted together in a spring-colored pot.

When you think of “spring flowers,” many of you probably think of sweet peas, which are so cute and fluffy that you just want to touch them. A cute flower that can be added to a bouquet or arrangement to create a feminine atmosphere, or you can enjoy the sweet scent with only sweet peas. When using only sweet peas, I recommend using a flower vase with a narrow mouth because it is easy to use!

Another representative flower of spring is the tulip, which is loved by all generations. Recently, each shape is unique, such as "fringe bloom" with jagged edges, "parrot bloom" with petals resembling bird wings, and "lily bloom" with pointed and smart petals. You might want to decorate the tulips!

An arrangement that uses a lot of spring flowers such as tulips and sweet peas. In a small vessel, it delivers a pair of early spring news.

Why don't you enjoy these spring flowers more stylishly with the flower vase of " Nachtmann " recommended by Nagoya Engei?

Nachtmann is a German crystal wear brand that has inherited high technology for over 180 years. Create a simple yet elegant space, and try using Nachtmann's crystalware, which can be used not only as a flower vase, but also as an interior decoration for your room.

The "Nachatmann" vase can be used in any situation throughout the year.

Arranging mature-colored spring flowers will change the atmosphere.

Also, from the desire for everyone to enjoy the spring flowers, from January 14th to January ( Friday ) , ( Saturday ) and ( Sunday ) only, Instagram of Nagoya Engei who received shopping We will present sweet pea cut flowers to our followers! Please take this opportunity to follow Nagoya Engei on Instagram ! (Please note that it will be on a first-come, first-served basis each day.)

Let's enjoy spring early by incorporating a sweet scent and soothing pastel colors into your room ♪

The Ranunculus that spreads like a rose is the main part of the arrangement. Creates a fluffy silhouette.

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