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Article: How to enjoy Petunia 2022

ペチュニアの楽しみ方2022 - 名古屋園芸

How to enjoy Petunia 2022

Petunia sales will begin in earnest from mid-April this year. This year again, we will be bringing in a variety of carefully selected varieties from Nagoya Engei. Each petunia has its own characteristics, and there are a wide variety of types, such as those that can be enjoyed in flower beds and those that are suitable for group planting.


Petunias that are heat tolerant and easy to grow

Over the past few years, the summer in Nagoya has been a harsh one, with intense heat and torrential downpours that are both unfriendly to people and plants. This summer will probably be like that.

There is a series of petunias called Super Tunia Vista. It blooms vigorously even in the harsh summer, and when planted in a flower bed, it shows a wonderful performance.

Customers who have planted it will know, but anyway, it is a durable breed. It will continue to bloom vigorously without losing to the heat of summer. If you cut it back, it will bloom well until October . For customers who find it difficult to grow well no matter what they plant, we would like you to try the Vista series.

Suntory's Safinia will also be a large stock. It is better to enjoy it in a flower bed than group planting, or enjoy it alone in a potted plant.

Petunia to enjoy in group planting

Hanayoshi Petunia produced by Mr. Hanayoshi, a producer in Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture, will also come this year. We are shipping our own breeds. Anyway, Petunia, which is carefully made, is splendid. Petunias from this producer are perfect for group planting. Double flowers are popular in the world of petunias, but because there are so many petals, you can enjoy them for a long time by avoiding rain as much as possible. You can enjoy it for a long time by evacuating to the eaves when it is raining heavily. Of course, you can enjoy the double planting as well.

Different varieties are coming. Petunia sales peak from around April 15th to the first week of May. Please check back often as the same items may not arrive next week. Please come and find your favorite lovely petunia.

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