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Article: New Year's Day

正月事始め - 名古屋園芸

New Year's Day

It's early and there are only a few left this year. New Year is an event to welcome Toshigami and wish for a happy new year. I would like to choose the best New Year's decorations to decorate it.


I packed colorful ping-pong mums in a jubako like a New Year's dish. It is an arrangement that you want to put on the table with the New Year dishes.

“Shogatsu-kotohajime” is the day when preparations for the New Year begin. In recent years, it has become mainstream to start decorating after Christmas has passed, and the 28th is considered to be an auspicious day with the 8th, but with a little more leeway, start preparations from December 13th . How do you like it? December 13th is the day when everything is said to be auspicious, so it's a good day to start preparing to welcome Toshigami-sama.

new year decoration

Even just a simple branch and a bowl full of Nanten berries will make it a higher-grade New Year's decoration.


The appearance of various fruit popping and flying makes a gorgeous arrangement without using flowers.

The shimenawa decorated at the entrance and the gate are also modern and fashionable. There are various types of shimenawa depending on the region, and the inside of the shimenawa is a sacred place, meaning that bad things are kept away. If you decorate your home with a shimenawa, it is said that it is good to decorate it in places where it is auspicious, such as the entrance and the gate, as well as around the water such as the washroom and kitchen as an amulet.


A shimenawa decoration with a large banksia. The presence is outstanding if I display it in the entrance

We have prepared a lot of radiant New Year's decorations to welcome the New Year. A New Year's decoration that will be appreciated not only for your home, but also as a gift. Let's choose the best and have a bright new year.


A bouquet of flowers arranged in mature chic colors. Large-flowered dahlias and mums are a perfect combination for the New Year.


Habotan wreaths are becoming a winter staple in Nagoya Engei. You can enjoy it for a long time even after the New Year because it is finished in a natural atmosphere.

When we think of New Year's decorations, we tend to think of old-fashioned and sophisticated ones, but recently, there are many modern ones that are not bound by too much formality. For example, even if you decorate the same lucky pine tree, the impression will change drastically just by changing the vessel to something modern. While cherishing the good old customs of course, try to incorporate new ones and find your own New Year's decorations.

black pine

A black pine with a large twisted trunk that looks cool goes well with a pop pot.

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