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Article: Fascinated foliage plants that I want you to see and know

見て、知ってほしい魅惑の観葉植物 - 名古屋園芸

Fascinated foliage plants that I want you to see and know

The season of houseplants has arrived! Houseplants that enjoy greenery begin to grow in May , when the temperature in the morning and evening stabilizes .

This foliage staff is dangerous! Introducing the green.

Dracaena Concinne Kunti

Variety of Dracaena concinne tricolor. By nature, the leaves of Concinnae face straight up. It is a very cute and rare breed whose leaves curl naturally. There is almost no distribution, and it is the first time even the staff have seen the actual product. It has an interesting appearance and impact, and is a foliage plant that you should definitely see.

Schefflera Genine

Schefflera is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. There are many varieties with different leaf shapes and colors. Jenine with bright yellow spots. Small leaves are cute and popular. It is a type that grows large, but it is also possible to manage it compactly in a tabletop size. Recently, there are many stocks that are small in size, but have good branches and strong trunks, and each pot has a different look.

Aphelandra Silver Cloud

Aphelandra is also known as zebra plants because of its beautiful white veins and the striped pattern on its leaves. Silver Cloud is a rare cultivar with silvery leaves. At first glance, the design of the leaves looks like an artificial one, and it is a recommended bowl that catches the eye even among silver foliage plants.

Homaromena Wallisy camouflage

As the name suggests, this variety is characterized by camouflage leaf patterns. There are many varieties of Homaromena, but varieties with patterns on the leaves are rare, and this camouflage pattern is also popular. The leaves have a matte texture and are combined with a camouflage pattern, making this a very attractive pot. The tabletop size makes it easy to decorate, which is also a recommended point.

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