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Article: Don't miss this Ranunculus Lux series

これははずせません  ラナンキュラス ラックスシリーズ - 名古屋園芸

Don't miss this Ranunculus Lux series

As many of you may know, I would like to introduce the Ranunculus Lux series. Ranunculus has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Ranunculus is a bulbous plant that grows to about 30 cm tall and blooms until spring. In the environment of Nagoya, Lux continues to bloom from early spring to the end of April.

Now let's take a look at what's great about this Lux series.


・You can easily pass the summer without leaving the plant.

・The number of flowers is amazing

・Be taller and enjoy the natural scenery (50 cm to 80 cm)

・The petals are glossy and look shiny.

・Many varieties (more than 20 varieties including single and double blooms)

・Enjoyable as a cut flower


It is Lux who does all the good things. You can enjoy it as a potted plant or in the ground. Above all, the biggest attraction is that you can easily enjoy it. It goes dormant in the summer and the aboveground part disappears. It is a cycle in which leaves begin to appear in autumn and bloom in early spring. It grows larger than expected, so plant it loosely. (If it is a potted plant, it should be 8 or more.)

If you look at the seedlings in the store, they are small, but they grow into large, splendid plants. It is a plant that we would like you to enjoy. (Depending on the growth situation, sales may be delayed from February.)

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