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Article: anthurium

アンスリウム - 名古屋園芸


Father's Day comes every year, this year it is June 19th . You haven't forgotten, right? Don't you worry about what to give when you give it every year? Why don't you give a nice green for Father's Day this year?

Therefore, we would like to introduce an anthurium with glossy leaves that are eye-catching. The brightly colored parts that look like flowers are called bracts, and you can enjoy their beautiful appearance for a long time from early summer. Anthurium, which not only has bracts but also bright green all year round, is suitable for growing indoors, so it is perfect as an interior accent for your room. Growing Anthurium is very easy! It doesn't need direct sunlight, just keep it in soft light through a lace curtain, and water it well when the soil is dry. If water accumulates in the saucer, it will cause root rot, so please throw it away. After that, during the growing season from spring to autumn, it is good to give a place-type fertilizer.

Why don't you decorate the cool white anthurium in the same white basket to make it more refreshing? A perfect gift for this season

Father's Day gift decided on Anthurium!

What kind of anthurium are there?

Colors include red, white, purple and pink. In a word, " red " is various. There are cool deep reds, bright and airy reds, and neon reds mixed with orange. The size of the bract that looks like a flower is also large and has a strong presence, fine and small, and a long and delicate line.

You can enjoy it stylishly by planting it in a tall ceramic pot. How about finding your favorite bowl?

Thinking about the person to give it to, what kind of shape would suit them, and what color would they like? How about not only for gifts, but also for your own healing?

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