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Article: Let's enjoy the shade ~The charm of the shade garden~

日陰を楽しもう ~シェードガーデンの魅力~ - 名古屋園芸

Let's enjoy the shade ~The charm of the shade garden~

There is a strong image that plants will not grow well in the shade and flowers will not grow, but that is not the case. Rather, there is the charm of plants that cannot be seen in Hyuga.

acanthus white water

The variegated leaves are very attractive. It becomes a stock of 50 to 60 cm with a perennial plant. As the plant matures, pale pink flowers emerge in spring.

There are few flowers that can be enjoyed in the shade during the winter season. From now on, when the temperature rises from June to summer, there are plenty of flowers to enjoy in the shade. You can also enjoy the color contrast by using color leaves instead of flowers. New varieties have been added in recent years.

chinese fairy bells

A plant that has been attracting attention in recent years as a member of the Chigo lily. Winter is gone, but it is a recommended shade plant that comes out every year.

Recently, a customer often asks me, "I want to decorate my front door with flowers, but they don't get enough sunlight, so they don't grow well." But I want to decorate something. After all, having plants in front of your door will make you and your guests feel better. There are many eaves at the entrance, or it is set back, and many apartments have the north entrance. There are plenty of plants that can be easily grown in such places this season.

As a cologne, it is a hanging basket of pretty double-flowered begonias (paso double).

Impatiens and begonias are favorites in the shade. Recently, Torenia's Katarina series is also very active in the shade. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a representative flower that grows in the shade. On the other hand, the plants introduced this time will not grow well in a place where the afternoon sun is strong in summer. It becomes hard to have a flower, and a leaf burns.

Group planting of impatiens

When paired with the color leaf, the impatiens will be even more impressive.

Hosta is a persistently popular color leaf, and the variegated Nobudo plant introduced here is an interesting plant because you can enjoy the change in color. Plants that enjoy leaves are often perennial plants that drop their leaves in winter. In winter, the above-ground part disappears, but it is one of the pleasures to feel the growth of the plant with new sprouts from spring.

group planting of wild grapes

The variegated Nobubu produces coolness. Even if you don't put flowers in, you can make a pot that looks impressive with just the color leaves.

The plants that make the shade look bright and beautiful. I want to cool off in the shade when it's hot! There is no doubt that it will add color to the shade at such times. It's a waste to give up just because it's in the shade! Let's enjoy the shade garden that can only be done in the shade!

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