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Article: Let's start "plant life"!

『植生活(しょくせいかつ)』はじめよう! - 名古屋園芸

Let's start "plant life"!

Do you dream of living in a stylish apartment in the city? Here in Nagoya, the number of condominiums has increased in the last few years, and many people are looking for flowers and foliage plants to decorate their rooms. Aiming for a stylish life, I want to incorporate some plants into the space! However, it may be a room where it is difficult for the sun to enter, or the space is limited. What kind of plants can be grown? ? And there is also anxiety about choosing plants. We have decided to launch a new label at Nagoya Engei to help those who are lost. Its name is " Shokusei Katsu" . We will pick up plants that match the various situations in your room, so we would appreciate it if you could use it as a reference for plants to decorate in your office as well as those who live in apartments. Would you like to try `` vegetation life' ' to live with plants for the first time? ?

Asplenium does not grow too large, so it is easy to decorate on the washbasin. A bright yellow pot complements the asplenium♪

1. A room with poor sunlight → Choose plants that are “shade-tolerant”!

In condominiums, depending on the location, there are often no windows or places where it is difficult for sunlight to enter, so there is often a problem that plants cannot grow well. In such a place, we recommend plants that are "shade-tolerant" and can easily grow in the shade.

(Example) Dracaena, Pothos, Sansevieria, etc.

Dracaena Concinne, which has shade tolerance, is easy to decorate even for beginners, and can be placed anywhere. It becomes fashionable just by placing it for a while.

Pothos is a very easy plant to manage, recommended for beginners and busy people. Perfect for those who want a little green. Also on the side of the TV stand ◎

2. Don't want to take up too much space → Choose plants that don't grow too big!

Even among plants, there are various growth speeds, some grow rapidly, and others grow slowly and leisurely. Choosing a slow-growing plant will save you the hassle of repotting.

(Example) Dracaena, syngonium, asplenium, etc.

Hydroculture Syngonium, which is less likely to attract insects, is recommended not only for the living room, but also for the bathroom where there is little greenery.

3. Worried about soil dirt and insects → Choose a cultivation method that is less worried about dirt and insects!

When you try to grow plants indoors, it's hard to clean up if you spill the soil, and it's not pleasant if insects appear. Recently, indoor soil has appeared, and it has become possible to grow plants safely even in the house. It is also recommended to choose a cultivation method that does not use soil, such as hydroculture or jug ​​cultivation.

You can enjoy hydroponic cultivation of mini phalaenopsis without taking up much space! You can enjoy it with clear glass, but colored glass makes it even more adorable.

Why don't you enjoy the color of phalaenopsis on your dining table? Please try phalaenopsis which is different from normal cut flowers without taking up much space.

Hydroponics of Anthurium is very rare. Place it near a window for a more lively anthurium

4. Too busy to manage frequently → Choose plants that require less watering!

Have you ever been so busy with work or housework that you forgot to water it and it died right away? Some plants don't need to be watered often! There are also tough plants called. Of course, don't water them at all, so check the soil once in a while and ask them how they are doing.

(Example) Tillandsia, Pothos, Sansevieria, etc.

Tillandsia can be cultivated without using soil, and it is also recommended for interior decoration, so it is recommended to place it on a bookshelf.

5. I want a relaxing space on the balcony → Let's start gardening on the balcony!

Why don't you make your own wonderful garden in the limited space of the veranda? Please ask the garden staff for tips on how to grow plants that are suitable for growing on the balcony. I will explain carefully so that even beginners can start with peace of mind.

Rosemary is not only a hardy plant, but also a fragrant and easy-to-grow plant that can be used in cooking. The flowers that bloom from spring are also lovely, regardless of location!

In recent years, West Ringia has become popular as a green that can be enjoyed outdoors, such as on balconies. Gentle colors match any place

Acanthus, which has a characteristic leaf shape and adds spice to the veranda, is a hardy perennial that is resistant to cold and heat. In recent years, a variety with white spots on the leaves (Acanthus Tasmanian Angel in the photo) is also popular, and can be used in the shade of the veranda.

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