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Article: Let's start with foliage plants "plant life"

観葉植物とはじめよう『植生活』 - 名古屋園芸

Let's start with foliage plants "plant life"

If you want to decorate with some kind of plant, but you don't know how to grow it, or you think it's going to die soon, don't worry! I picked up foliage plants that even beginners can easily grow. With just a few tricks, it can be easily grown and will bring comfort and moisture to your new life.

Pothos Enjoy

Planted in an aqua plant pot that absorbs water, the pot itself absorbs water and gives the plant an appropriate amount of water.

Pothos has excellent shade resistance and can be placed anywhere.


Most houseplants prefer a bright environment away from direct sunlight. Depending on the type of plant, there are shade-tolerant plants, but don't put them in a room with no windows and no sunlight ! It will gradually become weak, so please move it to a bright place from time to time.

Watering is the most important thing in living with houseplants. The basic rule is, "When the soil is dry, give it enough to flow from the bottom of the pot." The speed at which the soil dries varies greatly depending on the season and location, so it is best to water the plants while checking how dry the soil is. If you are not confident, we recommend using a susty (watering checker) that tells you how dry the soil is, so you can easily understand when to water.


Strong, hassle-free and very easy to grow! You don't have to choose where to put it, but let's grow it in a sunny place as much as possible. Be careful not to give too much water


Hydro Culture is also recommended for those who want to decorate a small space or want to grow plants easily.

Hydroponics is a type of hydroponics, a cultivation method that does not use soil. Instead of soil, we use clay called Rekaton, which is fired at a high temperature and hardened, so there is no need to worry about soil stains. Water is stored and managed in a vessel without holes. It is enough to collect about 1 cm of water! If the water runs out, add new water. Since you can see the timing of watering at a glance, it is easy to understand and safe for first-time users.

pachira hydroculture

There is no need to worry about soil stains because it is planted with Lekaton! Enjoy with your favorite dish

Compared to soil planting, it grows slowly and can be enjoyed even in a small space.


I think there are many people who will start a new life in a new environment from spring. Why don't you start a "plant life" where you can start living with foliage plants by incorporating greenery that can be easily started in your room?

Banyan tree

In the warmer months, new buds will continue to grow. A popular foliage plant that grows very vigorously and is easy to grow. Each bowl has a unique appearance, please try to find your favorite bowl.

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