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Article: Birthday flower to choose by COLOR ~LIME~

COLORで選ぶバースデーフラワー ~LIME~ - 名古屋園芸

Birthday flower to choose by COLOR ~LIME~

It's the season when the sunshine is getting more and more like summer. How about a cool lime color this time of year when the heat is overwhelming? This month's theme is " LIME ", and we will introduce you to some lovely flowers.


‐LIME YELLOW‐ modern arrangement


Anthurium with a lovely heart shape. There are various color variations, and among them, green is recommended as a cool summer flower gift with its enamel-like texture.


It is a flower of the Asteraceae family with spherical flowers on slender stems without leaves. The greenish yellow highlights the freshness. How about accenting your arrangement? You can also enjoy it as a dried flower.

[Monet's Sunflower]

A double-flowered sunflower with beautiful translucent lemon-yellow petals. Monet is said to be a painter who treasured the light that changes with the seasons and time. A bright lemon yellow that matches Monet's view of the world.

‐LIME GREEN‐ Natural Arrangement

[Turkish bellflower]

 The "Amber Double Mojito" used this time is a variety with an impressive glossy dark green flower color. After "Mojito", if you arrange it with mint, it will give you a very cool impression with a refreshing scent.

‐LIME GREEN‐ Paphiopedilum Bouquet


It is an orchid with a mysterious shape with part of the petals forming a bag. The unique flower shape is eye-catching. There is a glossy feeling, and the pattern drawn with a brush gives an artistic impression. This flower is recommended for those who are looking for luxury.

The refreshing color reminiscent of "lime" makes you feel refreshed just by looking at it. You can also add some coolness by adding blue. In July , how about greeting in the summer with "lime color"?

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