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Article: Let's enjoy Ring Basket

リングバスケットをたのしもう - 名古屋園芸

Let's enjoy Ring Basket

November is the start of the winter gardening season. Pansies, violas, garden cyclamen, and in the latter half of November , primulas, habotans, and other plants are overflowing so much that there is no place to put them in the nursery. The flowers change faster each week. It's going to be a month of intense changes that change to different flowers every time you visit us. It's a fun season to be excited just by choosing flowers.

Checkerberry and Color Leaf Ring Basket

Checkerberry and Color Leaf Ring Basket

You can create a cute Christmas without flowers.

And it's also the season for group planting of ring baskets, which are very popular recently. Seasonal flowers are planted in a ring-shaped vessel. Because it is a wreath type, the image of Christmas may be strong, but you can enjoy various combinations such as the New Year version.

Temperatures begin to drop gradually in the coming season. From autumn to winter, the plants grow slowly, so the plants are not disturbed. Therefore, you can enjoy planting in a ring basket for a long time while maintaining the shape of the ring. It is an excellent product that you can enjoy while the flowers continue to bloom until March and April ! Viola, garden cyclamen, habotan, julien, and other flowers that go so well with the ring basket this season make it hard to choose.

We also produce a large number of group plantings in ring baskets at the nursery shop. Of course, we also accept orders. You can choose your favorite flowers and make an original bowl. (It takes about 5 days from application to delivery.)

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